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Review after the Drupa 2016 exhibition

2017-07-06 19:00:09

Drupa 2016, which lasted 11 days, ended on June 10, local time in Germany. With official information, about 260,000 people from 188 countries and regions visited this exhibition, which was an unparalleled exhibition. For the third time to attend the exhibition , that was truly an unparalleled exhibition—with the display of the new pack inspection automatic production line, in this exhibition Beijing Daheng Image successfully launched the "made in China" printing quality inspection storm. Throughout the exhibition period, our booth was crowded with visitors. Partners and customers from all over the world showed a strong interest in our exhibits, with careful and detailed explanation, many customers have understood and approved the "made in China" inspection products, with more than 10 signed and intended customers. Not only that, we also had an in-depth exchange with the world's leading supplier of printing equipment. At the same time, our company also has more partners, sales and service network to further expand and improve worldwide. It is fair to say that this exhibition marks the formation of the international strategic pattern of Beijing Daheng Image printing and testing series, and the opening of the new chapter.
A journey of thousands of miles achieved through accumulation of each single step, just as the enormous ocean may not be formed gathering every brook or steam. Beijing Daheng Image along the way, with rich technical experience, customer's affirmation and support, partner trust and the help, has become a domestic professional printing quality detection products and solutions provider, related products market share first. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the colleagues, customers and partners who have paid for this. We will continue to pursue the concept of promoting industrial progress and development, so that the "made in China" printing test is well known around the world.
One should try to do still better after having achieved a fair degree of success. The world is big, go all out!


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